About us

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For many families, owning their own home is something they dream of accomplishing. For others, owning becomes a reality when they purchase their first home with the Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust (RMCLT) Affordable Homeownership Program. RMCLT is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides affordable housing opportunities for limited-income households in El Paso County and the City of Colorado Springs.

Our Mission

We partner with families in home ownership and other local non-profit organizations in transitional housing for homeless families and affordable rentals for low-income households. RMCLT has two goals when working with families.  First is to help them become first-time homebuyers.  Second is to help them be successful homeowners.  Through our Post-Purchase Support Program, we help families keep the homes they have purchased with the Land Trust and continue to improve their lives, develop their self-confidence, and become more self-sufficient.

Because of the Land Trust, I don’t have to move every year to find cheaper rent. Since I’ve been a homeowner, I have been more involved in my neighborhood. I have met my neighbors and we have become a support for one another.  –Homeowner since June 2006